Kristoffer Cras / Lind&Co

(book project)

The first audio book ever on Spotify!


Svenneskräp is an example of telling the story in a different way and making a novel accessible for those who are not used to consume books in a traditional way. To gain attention to a debuting author and push the boundaries of the publishing industry the novel ended up having its own soundtrack, a touring night club and Swedens best rapper (Ken Ring) reading the audio version. The novel became the first audio book on Spotify in 2013.


The project received attention from over 50 media channels and got full pages in newspapers and invitation to the morning show on national television. Not bad for two blokes from Solna searching for a dream.



Graphic design and illustration. In collaboration with Kristoffer Cras, Lind &Co, Recrec records and Storyside


The audio book is read by Ken Ring, Alexander Salzberger and Julia Frändfors. The soundtrack features music from Axel Boman, Gnucci Banana, Still Pee & Ru and Stockholmsyndromet amongst others.


TrailerKen Ring

Chapter 2


Paper back 110 x 178 mm (4,33" x 7,01"). 208 pages.

We launched the project with a touring night club in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmø.




Axel Boman on stage Babel, Malmø.